How to lose weight using no-salt diet

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Salt promotes water retention in the body and the appearance of cellulite. In this context, a low-salt diet helps you lose weight quickly, because it helps eliminate excess water from the body. Also, a low-salt diet will help you have a healthier heart and a blood pressure within normal limits.

How to take the no-salt diet?

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First step on taking the no-salt diet is to remove from your diet processed products and semi-processed ones (ham, sausage). They contain high amounts of sodium and they sabotage your weight loss plan.

How long do we take a no-salt diet?

There is no deadline in no-salt diet because, unlike other diets, it doesn’t deprive your body of any essential nutrient. Therefore, your body will get vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and nutrients from the foods you eat, and on the other hand, will remove water retained in tissues.

Please note!

If you want to get fast results it’s forbidden consuming salt during the diet.

When you cook, use spices to add flavor to foods. Use without restraint black pepper, turmeric, cumin, mustard and chilli.

In addition, spices have two major advantages: they annihilate the need of adding salt to your food and they contain active ingredients that accelerates fat burning. Thus, you lose excess water which gives you extra weight and you lose weight fast because of the spices.

What foods are allowed in no-salt diet?

Eat fruits and vegetables – especially ones that have a high water content – meat in moderation, cereals and dairy products. You can eat an egg once a day and dairy products are permitted as long as they don’t contain salt. Salty cheese and melted cheese are prohibited because they contain to much salt.

How the no-salt diet daily menu looks like?

– 1 cereal bowl

– chicken with a fresh vegetables salad or steaming cooked vegetables

– vegetable cream soup

You can cook rice with vegetables, pea stew, grilled vegetables or stewed mushrooms. Fresh fruit juices, jams and homemade compotes are allowed.
Don’t forget to drink water, plenty of water, in order to quickly hydrate and detoxify your body.

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