The effects of apple vinegar and honey mixture on the body

Apple cider vinegar and honey are two natural substances with amazing properties. Eating them raw and unprocessed will support in various ways the good functioning of the body.

When you mix these two ingredients, positive results occur. In addition, adding honey in drinks will enhance their savor.

If you’re struggling with joint pain and inflammatory symptoms, digestive problems and neck pain, the consumption of apple vinegar and honey mixture on an empty stomach is a good natural remedy against these diseases.

Therapeutic properties of the apple vinegar and honey mixture

Honey and apple vinegar have beneficial effects on the body thanks to their properties on fighting infections and other acute diseases which directly influences the quality of life.

Benefits of the consumption of these ingredients:

– improves general health and combats joint pain (arthritis symptoms)
– removes excess gastric acid and relieves digestive problems
– supports digestive system good-functioning and combats constipation symptoms
– weight loss
– reduces cholesterol levels and regulates blood pressure
– heals throat inflammation
– invigorates the body
– improves skin appearance an rejuvenates the cells
– fights against bad breath
– reduces inflammation

Why is this combination so effective in such matters?

Many experts say the illnesses appear due to body’s increased levels of acidity (pH less than 7).

Vinegar is an acid by definition, but it becomes alkaline when is consumed. Honey has a low pH; but, when interacting with the body, it has alkalizing properties.

The combination of these two substances provides an ideal way to combat hyperacidity due to everyday stress and consumption of harmful foods and beverages. The human body functions optimally when it measure pH values between 7.0 and 7.4.

How to turn apple cider vinegar and honey in an effective natural remedy

First, make sure you’re using unfiltered ingredients in their purest form. To preserve all their nutrients, honey and vinegar should be purchased from reliable sources.

Combine the following ingredients:

– 1 teaspoon of honey
– 1 teaspoon of apple vinegar (if you dislike its taste, you can add one single tablespoon)
– 1 cup of water (200 ml)

Initially you may not tolerate the strong taste of this mix, but considering its benefits, try to overcome this impediment.
It’s best drinking the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach 20-30 minutes before meals.

Be consistent and use it regularly. Some nutritionists recommend consuming the mix two or three times a day, depending on the purpose.
As with many other natural products, it’s best testing the solution in small amounts and gradually change the dose depending on your body’s reaction. You must consider, however, that an increased consumption of apple vinegar can lower potassium levels in the body, as well as bone density loss.

Also, vinegar can interact with diuretics, laxatives and medicines for diabetes and heart disease. So, if you intend using it daily, consult a doctor before starting the treatment.