How to get rid of unwanted hair permanently without spending money on beauty salons

The human body is covered with hair. The primary hair doesn’t have any pigment and helps regulate body temperature. The secondary hair is the one from the eyebrows and eyelashes. Tertiary hair grows on the scalp, the groin area and armpits.

Classical methods of hair removal doesn’t destroy or multiply follicles (the bulbs from which hairs grow). If you are tired on spending money in beauty salons, try a permanently hair removal at home. Technology which uses pulsed light (which is available only in luxury saloons) can be easily accessed in the comfort of your home.

Pulsed light has been integrated into small devices, safely suitable for home use. The devices can be used by anyone and are extremely easy to use at home. Very precise accessories direct the light beam in delicate areas such as the groin or the face. Hair removal by pulsed light doesn’t hurt.

Intense pulsed light detects melanin, the pigment inside the hair and makes it go into a latency state, so the threads will naturally fall between waxing sessions. 75-80% undesirable hair growths will disappear naturally.
The darker the hair, the better the results will be.

Before using pulsed light hair removal systems, shave the desired areas (underarms, legs, arms, bikini line, upper lip, chin, sideburns etc.). Therefore, you make sure the energy produced by light pulses is channeled in the most effective way on the hair follicles. After the first 4-5 treatments, as hair growth is inhibited, there will be no need for shaving.

Set the machine to the recommended light intensity level for your skin type and hair color. Apply the light pulses on the skin and they will inhibit hair growth.

Image Credits: Top10inAction