VIDEO: More elastic skin, diminished wrinkles & firmer outline. How to get those with a spoon

Regular facial massage is essential for women over 30 years. After this age, the skin loses elasticity and such massage helps keeping skin firm and young for long time.

Why spoon facial massage is good

First, you can get great results without having to spend money in a beauty salon. This massage helps you get rid of excess fluid from tissues, improves blood circulation, improves skin’s appearance making it more elastic, reduces wrinkles and restores facial contours. It’s free, and the results appear in just 10 days.

Spoon facial massage is quite simple. You need some spoons, a glass of cold water (you can throw a few ice cubes in it), and 1 glass of warm oil. You can use olive oil, calendula oil, linseed or sunflower oil.

Here are the steps:

1. Cleanse your skin and disinfect the spoons. Use alcohol and immerse them in cold water with ice.
2. Place the cooled spoons on the upper eyelids. Keep them for a few seconds. Repeat five times. As soon as you feel they get warm, replace them with cold ones.
3. Do the same with the lower eyelids. This helps diminish puffiness and dark circles.
4. Soak the spoons in hot oil and start massaging. Apply gentle pressure and move the trays along the following lines:
– on the forehead, from the point between the eyebrows and hairline
– make circular movements on the eyelids; start at the inner corner and then back to starting point
– follow the cheek lines
– from the neck to the chin
– massage each line at least 10 times

If spoons don’t slip easily, apply more oil. Massage your face for 10 minutes. Start with 1-2 minutes and increase your time by adding 1 minute every day. The first results are seen right from the first massage, when you’ll notice that your face is more relaxed.

Watch the video below to get the moves: