3 ways to use castor oil to reduce stretch marks

Many products promise to heal stretch marks, but in fact, only laser procedures can diminish them. If you can’t afford such an intervention, try castor oil.

Here’s how you can use it to reduce stretch marks:

1. Combine castor oil with coconut oil
By combining these two oils, in equal proportions, you give birth to a product that can be used both on the skin (to intensely hydrate it) and hair. Used on the skin, it also reduces wrinkles.

2. Combine castor oil with aloe gel
The result is a product with strong antioxidant effect that reduces skin inflammation. Castor oil contains a significant amount of vitamin E, which helps repair collagen fibers, restoring skin elasticity. In addition, combined with aloe it deeply nourishes the skin.

3. Massage the skin with slightly heated castor oil
By heating, vitamins and minerals are absorbed better, which increases their effectiveness. After about 1 week you should see a big change.