9 most common skincare mistakes

You have everything you need for a glowing skin? If the results are not the expected ones, it means that your beauty ritual sneaked a mistake. Here’s what to avoid.

1. You forget about your skin type
The most common mistake is using cosmetics improper with your skin type. This leads to irritation and problems aggravation.
Remember: for each of the five skin types (normal, oily, mixed, dry, sensitive) there are specific cosmetic products.

2. You sleep without cleansing
Never go to bed without cleansing yourself! For young and healthy skin, dermatologists recommend cleansing twice a day: in the morning and before bedtime.
Moreover, if the skin sweats during the day, use some napkins that remove excess sebum or thermal water in order to refresh the skin.

3. You don’t have products from the same range
Use skincare cosmetics from the same range. These are specially designed for complete care.
Also, don’t change the products often, especially if you have sensitive skin. The more often you change them, the greater the risk of allergies.

4. You don’t respect all skin care steps
Don’t skip any step. After cleansing, you should always apply a toner and then a moisturizer.
Toner helps remove residue left after cleansing and prepares the skin for moisturizing. Cream restores natural moisture level of the skin and protects it from harmful external factors.

5. You do have a messy lifestyle
Daily habits can affect your skin, making it look dull and old. If you don’t eat healthy, if you don’t sleep eight hours a night, if you smoke, if you use lots of spices and if you don’t drink at least two liters of water daily, certainly your skin will lose its luster and wrinkles will make their appearance.

6. You use fortified lotions
People with seborrheic skin tend to use lotions with alcohol in order to get rid of excess sebum. This is a mistake!
Although for the moment these lotions have a beneficial effect, the sebaceous glands will not produce any sebum and wrinkles will appear.

7. You don’t use exfoliating creams
If you have problems with acne, give up the habit of squeezing your pimples, because you risk scarring your skin. Pimples heal faster if there is there is no mechanical intervention on them and blackheads should be cleaned with scrubs.

8. Too much sun exposure
Excessive sun exposure or tanning are among the top causes of developing wrinkles. No cosmetic treatment can fully restore skin if you didn’t use sunscreen on sensitive areas (face, neck, décolletage etc.).

9. Using drastic diets
If you are over 30 and you decided to resort to a drastic diet, you risk losing skin elasticity. If you lose 4 kilos in a month, you have every chance to make wrinkles. Consult a nutritionist before putting into practice such a diet.