Fat deposits around the eyes. How to get rid of them naturally

Fat deposits are a skin condition common among adults. This can occur in children or babies. Most times, these deposits appear on the skin around the eyes and disappear by themselves, but there are cases when dermatology intervention is needed.

These fat deposits are formed when keratin (a substance produced by skin) remains stuck in the skin tissues and creates small white cysts, painless but unsightly.
Most often, these fat deposits are created on the hair follicle basis or on sweat glands. Fat deposits usually occur in the sensitive skin around the eyes, cheeks or eyelids.

In order to eliminate them, we must first remove the dead skin layer above the fat deposit because it prevents sweat to pull out deposits. If you want to clean your skin regularly, use one of the recipes below.

1. Mix one ripe avocado pulp with fresh aloe gel. Let the mask act for half an hour.

2. Mix turmeric powder and yogurt with graham flour (or chickpeas). Let it act for 30 minutes. This mask works well in soaking external skin layer.

The two mixtures offer the right acidity to dissolve dry skin without drying it excessively. They have the same effects as tomatoes and grapefruit masks. Then you can wash your skin and fat deposits are now extremely easy to remove.

In order to remove whiteheads you can either use a sterilized needle or simply a rough towel. For cleaning, you can use calendula or chamomile infusions.

Image Credits: TreatCureFast