Give health and volume to your hair with baking soda!

If you have thin hair, greasy and lacking volume and vitality, you probably know that it is almost impossible to try all those glamorous hairstyles that other women wear them without problems.

Whatever you do, your hair stubbornly doesn’t listen and makes you look too faded, even when you put so much effort to shine and to turn heads. Did you know that you can thicken your hair by natural means? One of these is sodium bicarbonate.

Baking soda can make your hair look more voluminous since the first use. Instead of washing your hair with shampoo, try using this versatile ingredient.
Regular shampoos leave residue that give the hair a damaged look.

Direction: Add 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda in 200 ml of water, then use this mixture instead of shampoo. Baking soda will dissolve residues and will give shine to your hair. In addition, this beauty trick has long-term beneficial effects, since this substance encourages hair growth.