4 treatments to get rid of cellulite immediately

Use these simple tricks that will help reduce the unpleasant orange peel appearance of your skin. Prepare your body for summer and for short dresses!

Scottish shower

This procedure involves alternating hot and cold water jets, and has the effect of stimulating blood circulation and the lymphatic system. In this way tissues are highly oxygenated and the toxins are removed, blurring the orange peel appearance. Begin each morning with this shower that will help tone the skin and muscles and will reduce cellulite.

Coffee scrub

Coffee is known for its strong anti-cellulite effect. It has the ability to remove excess water, blurring uneven appearance of the skin caused by cellulite. Mix one cup of ground coffee with water. Massage the areas affected by cellulite with this mixture, wait a few minutes, then remove it.

Ivy extract treatment

Ivy has a dual effect, fighting against both cellulite and stretch marks. It provides skin elasticity and helps prevent stretch marks, but also diminishing the existing ones. It also has the ability to shrink fat cells under the skin, which give the orange peel appearance. In 100 ml of olive oil add 30 ml of ivy oily extract. Mix well and massage the areas affected by cellulite every night.


Massage rollers are ideal for anti-cellulite self-massage. It stimulates blood circulation and helps eliminate toxins from the tissues, which have an important role in the appearance of cellulite. Use anti-cellulite ivy oil, apply to the affected areas immediately after showering, then massage with special rollers until it’s completely absorbed by the skin.

Image Credits: Nec4PlasticSurgery