Top 5 showering mistakes that get you sick

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Did you know that an ordinary shower can put your health at risk? Although the shower is part of your daily routine, overzealous can do more harm than good.

Mistakes you can make in the shower and after!

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1. Using the same sponge for more than a month

Like the toothbrush, the bath sponge must also be replaced. Moisture helps bacteria inside the sponge to multiply. Change it regularly. A sponge is not a fortune! Think about your health!

2. Too long, hot showers

Maybe it seems a good idea of taking a hot shower, but hot water affects your skin. Both skin and hair are protected by a layer of sebum. Hot water can remove this layer of precious sebum, making your skin dry and your hair brittle. Therefore, take a shower with warm water.

3. Using shower gels that make bath bubbles

No matter how pleasant is the feeling of velvety foam on your skin, the truth is that the more foam your soap or shower gel make, the more it will dry your skin. Most commercial products contain an ingredient called surfactant that attracts oily substances from the skin. It is best using a skin cleanser that has a balanced Ph and fewer chemical ingredients. You can use bio products.

4. Shaving your legs as soon as you get in the shower

If you choose using a razor blade because you’re in a rush and you begin removing hair immediately as you get into the shower, irritation will occur. If you want very smooth skin you must wait at least 15 minutes in the shower, during which warm water will soften the hairs and hair removal will be easier.

5. Wiping with a rough towel

A rough towel can harm your skin. After the shower, the skin is fragile, so don’t harm her by using a rough towel. Buff your skin in order to absorb water and then apply a moisturizer.

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