All-Natural Antibiotic That Will Melt Your Kidney Stones

Kidneys are paired organs with the purpose of eliminating toxic substances and excess fluids from the human body. Some hereditary factors or unhealthy choices can lead to kidney stones, the third most common problem of the urinary tract, after the urinary infections and prostate problems. The symptoms associated with this affection are intense pain, the frequent need to urinate and, at a later stage, fever and chills. Nowadays, 25% of the people are confronted with the kidney stones problem, the most complicated cases being in men, but also the number of women having kidney stones increased in the past years.

Nevertheless, regardless of age or sex, there is one thing common for everyone having kidney stones – the excruciating sudden pain. Kidney stones are mineral deposits on the kidneys, formed if there is a high concentration in the urine, caused by the absorption or ineffective elimination of these deposits by the human body. The size of kidney stones varies – it can be small as a sand grain or big enough to cause blockage.

Homemade remedy – better than medicine or surgery

Some natural antibiotics are really helpful if you want to get rid of the kidney stones. One of the best can be prepared using just four ingredients:

• 250 g parsley root
• 250 g lemon zest
• 250 g honey
• 2 liters olive oil

Cut the parsley root in small pieces and put it in a blender together with the rest of the ingredients. Mix it together until you have a homogenous liquid and keep it in the fridge, covered. Take one spoon each morning. Keep in mind that the honey and lemon should be organic, from a trusted source. Also, you should wash the parsley root very well before using it.
It is recommended to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily if you have or had kidney stones. If you are not used to drink too much water, you can increase the intake with an extra glass daily, until you reach to the optimum amount required for you.

This way, your body will adjust well to the change. You can easily tell if you are drinking enough water by checking the color of the urine. If it is light yellow, then you are hydrated. If the urine has a dark color, it means that you need to drink more liquids.

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