Extremely Effective Ways to Treat Allergies at Home

Allergies are caused by the way our body reacts because of germs or different substances, called allergens. We can make direct contact with the allergens through our skin, or indirect contact through mucus or blood stream. Allergic reactions can be caused by many substances like pollen, dust, cosmetics, animal fur, different plants, serums, vaccines, and drugs. These reactions may appear also because of physical factors like cold, heat, sunlight, or food ingredients. Among the food that triggers allergic reactions often we can find oranges, milk, eggs, wheat, fish, seafood, chocolate, tomatoes and strawberries.

The symptoms for allergies vary, according to the affected body area, but the main are headaches, sneezing, congestion, migraines, irritability, depression, dizziness, conjunctivitis, eczema, nausea, diarrhea, itching, asthma, inflammation of the eyes and face.

Homemade remedies – extremely effective in treating allergies

• Nettle tea is very helpful in all types of allergies, thanks to its antihistaminic effect. Drink daily up to four cups of nettle tea. Add three teaspoons of Swedish tincture in each cup you drink.

• If you want to get rid of pollen allergies, mix these plants together, preparing an infusion: 50 g viola tricolor, 10 g yarrow, 20 g motherwort, 15 g burdock, and 5 g lavender. Drink three cups from the infused plants for one month, until you no longer have the allergy symptoms.

• If the cause of your allergy is dust or mold, mix together 10 g of elderflower, 30 g of viola tricolor, 40 g of dandelion leaves and roots and 20 g of chicory. Prepare a tea and drink three cups daily to get rid of the allergy.

• If you have an allergy affecting your skin, you should try this remedy: cataplasm with fresh thyme leaves mixed with a small quantity of water until you have a paste consistency. Apply it on your skin and leave it covered for 30 minutes.

Keep in mind that having a healthy lifestyle will definitely help you in the fight against allergies. The allergic reactions tend to be more frequent on the people that have an unbalanced died and a chaotic lifestyle. Also, the allergies can be triggered by processed foods, but also by emotional stress.

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