Super Effective Mask to Get Rid of Split Ends Quick

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We all know that it is hard to maintain a healthy hear and we are always putting efforts to prevent it from getting deteriorated. Nevertheless, sometimes it seems like no matter what we do, we cannot get that healthy look that we want for our hair. If we want to get rid of the split ends problem, we should first know what is causing it. Among the main factors that lead to split ends are the frequent use of curling or straitening irons and even hair driers, excessive use of chemical products on out hair, using an inadequate hair brush, applying too many styling products on out hair, washing the hair daily, but also environmental factors like heat, cold, wind.

Homemade hair mask for split ends

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No matter what is the cause for your split ends, you should know that this problem will not disappear overnight. The good news is that you can get rid of it faster by preparing a hair mask by yourself. The ingredients you will need are:

• One crushed avocado
• One egg yolk
• One spoon coconut oil
• One spoon olive oil
• One spoon castor oil
• One teaspoon vitamin A
• One teaspoon jojoba oil

All you need to do is mix all the ingredients together and apply the mask on your split ends, making sure you don’t apply it also on the roots, because your hair will become oily. After applying the hair mask, tie your hair in a bun, cover it with a shower cap and a towel and leave it for at least two hours. When the time is up, wash it off with shampoo. Do this homemade mask for your hair each three days and you will get rid of the split ends in no time.

I think you should try using an alcohol-free shampoo for better results. Other ingredients that may cause your hair ends to get split are sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, and perfumes. All of these ingredients are drying the hair and the ends get split easier, so my advice is to focus on a shampoo made of natural ingredients.

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