Best Homemade Medicine to Treat Vertigo Right Away

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Vertigo is the spinning feeling that can appear even if the person affected is actually sitting. The environment seems to move vertically or horizontally, and the feeling can be light or so severe that can cause one to fall to the ground. Vertigo is more serious than dizziness, but it is not a severe health problem. Vertigo can happen suddenly and last for few minutes or can appear and disappear for a period of time. For some people suffering from severe vertigo, the symptoms can last for days and the usual activities can be difficult to maintain. The intensity of vertigo symptoms can vary and these include: the feeling of spinning around, nausea, difficulty in walking, the feeling that the floor is moving. Some of the causes include viral infections affecting the inner ear, otitis, cervical arthritis, migraines, poor blood flow, hyperventilation, movement sickness, alcohol and drug consumption.

Homemade remedy to get rid of vertigo

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If you experience vertigo frequently, you will need to prepare this homemade treatment that will help you get better sooner. You will need the following ingredients:

• One teaspoon poppy seeds
• Two teaspoons wheat
• Eight pumpkin seeds
• Eight raw almonds
• ½ teaspoon ground allspice
• 50 ml milk

Put the poppy seeds, wheat, pumpkin seeds and almonds in a bowl and add enough water to cover it. Leave it overnight and blend it in the morning. Put the resulted paste in a pot, add the allspice and the milk and bring everything to a boil. Remove from heat and leave the treatment on the side, to cool down. If you take one teaspoons two times daily, this treatment can cure and prevent the vertigo.

Keep in mind that a serious disease, like Meniere syndrome, can also be the reason of recurrent and persistent vertigo. People with Meniere disease can have a vertigo lasting for 12 hours, leaving them exhausted. Sometimes vertigo comes due to a head trauma. It is recommended to do a medical check to exclude other serious causes, especially if you suffered an accident and you hit your head.

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