Highly Effective Homemade Antibiotic to Get Rid of Flu Quick

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The flu is an acute viral respiratory infection that comes suddenly and grows fast. Who did not suffer from flu at least one time in his life? It’s something that can come up any time, but it is more frequent during climate change, from the beginning of autumn and during winter, until the end of the spring. It is characterized by runny nose, clear and liquid at an early stage, becoming dense with the time. Other symptoms are headache, pain in the throat, sneezing, tiredness, chills, cough, muscle and joint pain, lack of appetite, and fever. Tiredness and general body weakness are an open gate for the flu, that can be contacted through saliva (sneezing or coughing), or air from a person carrying the virus. Children are more exposed, due to their immune system and the environment they are spending their time: school or playground. The flu is more serious than a common cold and you should treat it as soon as the first symptoms come up.

Try a natural antibiotic to get rid of flu

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If you know that antibiotics will do more harm than good to your immune system, you will be happy to have an alternative when it comes to treating the flu: a homemade natural antibiotic, cheap and fast to prepare, with no side effects. The ingredients you will need are already in your kitchen:

• One garlic clove
• Two spoons organic honey
• Two spoons ginger powder
• ½ spoon crushed hot pepper
• ½ teaspoon cinnamon
• 100 ml fresh lemon juice

Put the lemon juice in a jar. Add the garlic, ginger powder, hot pepper powder and cinnamon. Mix everything together and add the honey in the end. Leave the jar on the side for three hours, at room temperature. When the time is up, you can keep it covered in the fridge. Take one spoon of this syrup three times daily, before food, and you will get rid of the flu faster than you think.

Why this natural antibiotic will make the flu disappear? Ginger, garlic, and hot pepper are ingredients with excellent antiviral properties, fighting in a natural and effective way against virus and bacteria. The good news is you can also use it as a prevention if you know you are catching the flu in the cold season. To strengthen your immune system and to prevent being vulnerable to the virus, just take one teaspoon of the syrup each morning on empty stomach.

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