Safe Way to Get Rid of Milia at Home – Highly Effective Homemade Cream

Milia is the term used for the small white bumps appearing on the skin, more frequently on the face. The milia is more common in newborns, but it can affect anyone, including adolescents and adults. Milium Cists appear when keratin cells – a protein found in the skin tissues, hair and nails – are trapped under the skin. There are two types of milia: primary (in newborns) and secondary (in adults). The secondary milia is associated with another type of skin lesions – vesicles that damage the pores mucus. Skin irritations that can cause milia include blisters caused by different skin conditions, burns, and lesions. There is no treatment for newborn’s milia and there is also no reason to worry about it, as it will disappear in a couple of weeks. On the other hand, in adults the milia can stay for a few months, unless is treated.

Homemade remedies – the only way to get rid of milia

Milia is not a health problem, but can cause discomfort and self-esteem problems in adults. If you have milia and you are searching for a way to get rid of it, you might want to try a homemade cream – there is no need for medical interventions, no need for pain and incisions. You will do everything in your home, using natural ingredients:

• One teaspoon baking soda
• 50 grams organic honey
• One teaspoon coconut oil
• 2 liters concentrated chamomile infusion

Mix the baking soda, honey and coconut oil until you have a homogenous consistency. Prepare the chamomile infusion and put it in a large bowl. Put your head over the bowl and cover it with a towel. Steam your face with the chamomile infusion for 10 minutes, enough time to open your pores. Once the time is up, immediately apply the cream you prepared before on the areas affected by milia, massaging for 30 seconds. Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse it with warm water. Repeat this treatment for 7 days in a row, once a day, and you will get rid of milia without expensive laser treatments.

Keep in mind that an appropriate skincare is essential and extremely important. Cleaning and exfoliating your skin is absolutely necessary in you fight against milia, as the dead skin cells will be removed and the pores will be unclogged. By all means, avoid squeezing the milium cists because this will just damage the skin layers and the risk of infection in the area will be high.

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