How to Treat Dry Scalp with Your Own Homemade Shampoo

When the sebaceous glands on the scalp are not producing enough oil, and are not lubricating enough, the scalp will be dry and will exfoliate. Dry scalp is a common affection that can be treated rapidly as long as we know the cause. Recent studies show that there are five main reasons leading to a dry scalp: hot showers, sun exposure, poor quality shampoo, hot air and air conditioning, or sudden temperature changes. Although these factors do not seem to have a direct impact on our body, there are the main reasons why our scalp is getting dry. You will know you have a dry scalp if you experience one of the following reasons: frequent itching, excessive dandruff, excessive hair loss, and white spots on the scalp.

Get rid of the dry scalp using a homemade shampoo

Prepare your own papaya and aloe vera shampoo and you will get rid of the dry scalp in no time. Peel a big papaya fruit and then cut it in small slices. Mix the papaya in the blender and add one spoon of aloe vera gel, half cup of baby shampoo, and half spoon of almond oil. Mix all the ingredients together and use it as a regular shampoo once in two days.

Many people are confusing the dry scalp with the dandruff, but these two conditions have nothing in common and should be treated in a different way. Before getting panicked and thinking you have a dry scalp, make sure you analyzed and identified your symptoms in a correct way. You can have good results only if you are aware of the condition you are suffering from and you are treating it accordingly.

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