How to Treat Dry Skin with Your Own Homemade Cream

The balance between sebum and humidity is vital for a healthy and beautiful skin. The sebum is produced by sebaceous glands and its purpose is to lubricate the skin. The humidity is the water inside the skin cells, maintaining our skin smooth, healthy and young. When it comes to dry skin, there are two types: simple and complex. Simple dry skin is the result of lack of sebum and is affecting women under 35 years of age. Complex dry skin lacks both sebum and humidity and is characterized by fine wrinkles, brown spots, depigmentation, and dilated pores. It is usually associated with the aging process, as the proteins in the skin – elastin, collagen and keratin – can be affected by the prolonged sun exposure. Dry skin usually affects the exposed areas of the body, like the face and hands, but can appear anywhere else, especially during winter.

Get rid of dry skin using your own homemade cream

There are many creams for dry skin that we can find in stores, but thinking about the chemicals inside and the fact that anything applied on our skin is reaching the bloodstream, it is better and healthier to prepare our cosmetics by ourselves, using natural ingredients. For this cream, suitable for face and body, you will need:

• 60 g shea butter
• 20 g almond oil
• 10 g olive oil
• 10 g rice oil
• 3 vitamin E capsules
• 15 drops essential lavender oil

To prepare the natural dry skin cream you will also need a glass, heat resistant bowl, one teaspoon, a kitchen scale and a glass mason jar with lid – all cleaned properly and sterilized. The preparation process is very easy. You have to melt the shea butter in the glass bowl on bain-marie until the consistency will be creamy (don’t wait until it becomes liquid). When the shea butter is melted, add the almond, olive and rice oils, one by one, and mix everything together. Once everything is properly mixed, add the contents from the three vitamin E capsules and the lavender essential oil. Pour the cream in the glass jar and cover it. If you keep it in a cool dry place it is good to use for up to one year.

Maybe in the beginning you will find it a little bit hard to prepare your own creams, but this feeling will disappear when you will practice and realize that it is so easy to do it. My advice is to also pay attention on the type of food you are eating, because dry skin can be caused or aggravated by an unhealthy diet. Nutritional deficiencies, especially related to vitamin A or B are a key factor when it comes to having or not a healthy skin.

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