2 Step Treatment to Get Rid of Bunions Once and For All

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Bunions are painful thick skin areas, appearing due to mechanical trauma – pressure, rubbing – on the soles, heels, elbows, knees, toes and fingers. It is actually a defense reaction of the skin tissues against an increased pressure on some areas of the feet or hand. Hyperkeratosis is affecting an epidermal layer and causes the skin to have bumps – the skin will become thick and the area will be painful. The thicken skin areas have the purpose to protect the healthy skin tissues from the mechanical stress that led to bunions. The bunions between the toes have a softer texture, due to the sweat, and the ones in the soles or palms have a rougher appearance, being in contact with a bone segment. The bunions have yellow, brown or grey color, are painful once pressed and should not be confused with the warts, which are soft and are painful only when pressed from the sides. Bunions cause pain when walking and wearing shoes, and can become a real problem for people suffering from diabetes, arteriopathy or peripheral neuropathy. Some of the causes for bunions are:

• Wearing the wrong type of shoes or socks (too loose or too tight, uneven sole);
• Walking barefoot, prolonged standing position;
• Anomalies in the small articulations of the hand or feet;
• Wearing high heels;
• Intense manual activity (carpenters, constructors, tennis players, farmers, boxers, gymnasts) or overstressing the feet (football players, athletes, basketball players).

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Treat your bunions at home in two easy steps

Peel – If the bunions are causing pain or irritation, you should peel the dead skin, in order for the bunion not to put too much pressure on the nerves. As soon as you go out from the shower, when the skin is moist, rub the area with pumice. Make sure you will not hurt yourself while peeling the bunion and don’t rub the area too much from the first try.

Attack – If you decided you want to get rid of bunions for good, we have the perfect solution for you: homemade comfrey oil. Comfrey is a great natural ingredient used to treat bunions, because it helps restore the skin layers, softening the area in the same time. This is the ingredients you will need:

• 100 g dry comfrey root
• 100 ml alimentary alcohol
• 1 liter sunflower oil

Crush the comfrey root in a blender and mix it with the alcohol, leaving it together for six hours. Once the time is up, add the sunflower oil and leave it on the side for another 24 hours. The next day, put the mixture on bain-marie for one hour, stirring from time to time. Remove the oil from the heat source and leave it again for another day. After that, strain the oil through a gauze and keep it in the fridge, in dark colored glass containers. Apply the oil on the bunions twice daily, upon taking shower and gently peeling it with the pumice.

You should treat the bunions at the earliest stage possible. Although it is not a serious medical condition, not treating the bunions may lead to complications like walking disorders, arthritis, cutaneous ulcers, osteomyelitis, bursitis, or synovitis.

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