Easy & Fast Way to Treat a Nasal Congestion

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When the nasal tissues and blood vessels are excessively filled with fluid, we will suffer from congestion or stuffy nose. In most of the cases, the congestion is caused by flu, common cold, dust or pollen allergies, animal fur, or irritants like cigarette smoke. Some people are constantly congested, without an obvious reason, and this affection is called non-allergic rhinitis. Sometimes, the congestion comes together with mucus running from the nose, but there are cases when this is not happening. Although it is frequently just a discomfort reason for adults, when it comes to newborns having congestion, the situation may be more serious, because the normal respiratory process will be affected. Possible causes of congestion include: acute or chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, chicken pox, Churg-Strauss syndrome, constant headaches, low body temperature, excessive use of pharmaceutical nasal drops, diGeorge syndrome, drugs addiction, dry air, food allergies, a foreign object inside the nose, hypertension medication, hormonal imbalance, latex allergy, lactose intolerance, mold allergy, nasal polyps, asthma, pregnancy, stress, and convulsive coughing.

Get rid of nasal congestion using essential oils

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Forget about the pharmacy when you have a congestion – you can create your own medicine using natural products with no side effects. If you want to be able to breath easily, add 90 ml of water and essential oil drops in a bowl. You can use this combination of essential oils, proven to be very effective when it comes to a stuffy nose:

• 15 drops lemon oil
• 15 drops mint oil
• 15 drops oregano oil
• 15 drops tea tree oil

You can keep the homemade remedy in a jar with a lid, in a cool, dry place. Every time you feel congested, open the jar and keep it close to your nose while breathing – you will feel relieved in seconds. Use this way to get rid of congestion until you feel that your airways are clear. If you want to have a faster result, you can add more drops from your favorite essential oil – lemon, oregano, mint, or tea tree.

Nasal congestion is usually just a discomfort reason, but it can also be a sign of a more serious condition in newborns. This is why you can treat yourself at home, but when it comes to a baby that has less than two months of age, and the congestion is affecting the baby’s feeding or breathing processes, you should consider visiting a pediatrist.

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