Highly Effective Way to Get Rid of Lie Bumps Quick

The tongue is a very sensitive organ, that can recognize thousands of the most diverse and different tastes and textures. Plus, the tongue is helping us to speak properly. Therefore, when small bumps appear on the tongue, can interfere and alter the taste and even the way we talk. There are various types of bumps that can affect our tongue and in this article, we will focus on one in particular – the lie bumps or, in medical terms, the transient lingual papillitis, fungiform papillary glossitis, or eruptive lingual papillitis. This affection can cause one or more bumps to appear on the surface of the tongue, usually on the upper sides, on the taste buds. Factors like stress, digestive problems, hormones, or certain type of food can cause the lie bumps.

Usually, the lie bumps disappear by itself, but you can help it and get rid of it faster using a very simple homemade remedy. The best way of treating lie bumps is to apply on the affected area something that will calm the irritation. You just have to mix one teaspoon of salt with a glass of warm water and regularly rinse your mouth with it. If you do this daily, each 3-4 hours, the discomfort caused by lie bumps will disappear soon.

You should know that the lie bumps are not contagious. Also, if the pain is too hard to sustain for you, it will help if you avoid hot food and beverages and you choose instead cold food – if you eat a cold yogurt your pain will diminish.

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