Homemade Anti-Inflammatory Cream to Get Rid of an Abscess Tooth

The abscess is a soft mass filled with puss, surrounded by a red colored area. It is easily felt when touching the affected area, because it is painful and warm. There are different types of abscess that can appear in several places on the body, the most common being the following: around a hair follicle – boil or furuncle, around the teeth – dental abscess, on the buttock -pilonidal cist, in the groin, around the anus and vagina, the armpits. The abscess occurs if the sebaceous glands are clogged, or if an inflammation is present in the body. People with weak immune system are more prone to abscesses.

Homemade 5-plant cream that will help you get rid of the abscess

One of the best remedies for an abscess is this cream made of miraculous plants that you can prepare in your house by yourself. It takes more time to be ready, as the ingredients should be left to blend together, but the amazing results worth the wait. This is what you will need:

• 3 spoons birthwort (leaves)
• 3 spoons marigold (flowers)
• 3 spoons celandine (aerial part)
• 1 teaspoon arnica (flowers)
• 1 spoon comfrey (root)
• ½ cup alimentary alcohol 70°
• 500 gr ghee butter

Mix all the plants and pour the alimentary alcohol over, leaving it together for one day. The next day, put the mixed ingredients on medium heat, together with the butter, and simmer until the plants are soft enough. Remove from heat and leave it on the side for another day. In the third day, heat the mixture again until is melted and leave it again overnight. In the fourth and last day, slightly heat the mixture again and then use a gauze to strain it in a clean glass jar with lid. Apply the cream on the area affected by the abscess two times daily. Keep the rest in the fridge and use it when needed.

You should trust this home remedy and avoid using medicine from the pharmacy because it is well known that antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs will not cure an abscess. Using over-the-counter creams that promise to accelerate the breaking of your abscess is not a good idea either, as these creams irritate the skin and can spread the infection in your bloodstream. All you need to do is apply the homemade cream and your condition will improve. Plus, this cream has no side effects or toxicity risk.

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