Homemade Marigold Cream to Treat Superficial Keloids

Keloids are the result of an abnormal development and augmentation of the scar tissue, following an aggressive healing process. Most of the times, keloids are localized on the chest, shoulders and back and the persons with darker skin are more prone to have it. Keloids can appear suddenly, after certain surgeries or minor cutaneous lesions, but it can also be developed in time, in a period of a few months. Although this condition does not have malign nature, it should not be neglected. The exact causes of keloids are not known, but there are some risk factors to consider, like a dark skin, genetic factors, burns, surgical incisions, wounds, minor scratches, piercings, chicken pox, or acne. The symptoms include a bright red tissue, abnormal in structure and size, the scar tissue becoming rough and thick, the itching and discomfort feelings in the affected skin area.

Homemade marigold cream for keloids

Marigold cream is excellent for scars, thanks to its healing and repair effect. It is successfully used to treat skin conditions of all kind since a very long time. If you want to make sure the ingredients you are using are the best, you should try and prepare your own marigold cream. This is what you will need:

• A handful of finely chopped marigold flowers
• 250 gr shea butter
• 1 spoon melted beeswax
• 5 drops lavender oil

Melt the shea butter on bain-marie, add the marigold and keep it on medium heat for 5 minutes. Leave the mixture rest until the next day, when you will reheat and filter it. Add the beeswax and the lavender oil and stir well. Transfer it in a glass jar with lid and keep it in the fridge. Use it two times daily on the keloids and your skin’s aspect will visibly improve.

If you want to accelerate the healing process and to get rid of the keloids faster, you should also have a healthy diet. The diet that helps treating the keloids aims to tighten the skin, therefore you should include in it food with high amount of vitamin C and E. Vitamin C has the capacity of increasing the collagen level and to improve the connective tissues function. The main sources of vitamin C are oranges and lemons.

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