Homemade Ear Drops That Will Melt Your Earwax Fast

The inner ear is a delicate and sensitive part of the body and should be protected against microorganisms, bacteria and dust particles. This is why the ear wax is produced. But sometimes the amount of earwax is excessive and this can cause irritation, hearing loss, general discomfort, itching and other unpleasant things. Some of the reasons for excessive ear wax are using the earbuds in a wrong way and frequently wearing earplugs or earphones. The symptoms are pain in the ear, difficulties in hearing, dizziness, the feeling that your ear is clogged, and itching in the ear canal.

Homemade ear drops that immediately melt earwax

If you are struggling to get rid of the earwax, you should be happy to find out that it is easier than you think. You will only need two ingredients: almond oil and hydrogen peroxide (3%). Mix the almond oil and hydrogen peroxide in a 1:1 proportion. Using a pipette, add two-three drops of the solution in the affected ear, laying down on the opposite ear. Maintain your position for one minute and then turn on the affected ear, making sure you put a towel or a tissue under your head, as the earwax will melt. In a few minutes, you will get rid of the problem.

Make sure you use this homemade remedy only if you want to get rid of earwax, as it is not suitable for treating an ear infection. My advice is to also try not to use earbuds with thin cotton ends, because it will only push the wax and the dirt deeper in your ear. The consequences of an untreated minor ear wax problem are painful infections, clogged ears, and lesions on the ear drum.

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