How to Get Rid of Garlic Breath Super Fast

Although is the ingredient that gives a better taste to any kind of food, no one loves the bad breath lasting for hours after eating garlic. No matter if you eat it at lunch or dinner, the garlic breath will be strong and unpleasant. This smell is given by the methyl allyl sulfide in the garlic, a substance that cannot be metabolized by our body, but only eliminated through breath or sweat. Because many people prefer the garlic flavor in their food, most of us are searching for ways to get rid of the garlic breath, either because we have a romantic date or a business meeting, or just because we don’t like it. We all know that no matter how many times we brush our teeth, the garlic breath will still be there.

So, if the toothpaste and chewing gum are not that helpful, what is it that we can do if we want to eat garlic? According to scientists, the best remedies to get rid of garlic breath are mint, apples and lemon juice. Basically, all the food that contain polyphenols are helpful, acting on the substances with a strong smell. The best amongst these foods are considered to be apples. Other helpful remedies are parsley, green tea or spinach.

So, next time you are planning to eat garlic, make sure you will immediately have an apple or a mint lemonade. For a better result, chew fresh mint leaves or parsley and you can forget about the unpleasant garlic breath.

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