Best Homemade Ointment to Get Rid of Zits in 3 Days

Zits or pimples are a skin problem affecting 85% of the people around the world and it comes because of the excessive amount of sebum clogging the skin pores, but also because an uncontrolled bacteria growth – Propiniobacterium acne. Zits are more common during puberty, due to hormonal changes. For this reason, pimples will disappear with the time, as soon as the puberty is finished and we are entering the adulthood stage. Nevertheless, there are cases when adults still have zits or cases when pimples appear on the skin since childhood. The severity of the cases varies. You can have few zits each month, or you can have a lot of them – red, painful and filled with puss. The less severe cases will heal overtime if you have a proper skincare.

Homemade cream against pimples – get rid of zits in three days

Are you having a hard time because of the pimples and you don’t know what to use anymore? There are home remedies that help you get rid of it in a blink. For example, a natural cream that you can prepare by yourself. According to some dermatologists, lettuce is a true enemy for pimples and will help you get rid of it in just three days. The lettuce cream is pretty easy to prepare, and you will need: two lettuce leaves, one teaspoon sodium bicarbonate, honey and water. The lettuce leaves should be washed properly, chopped and boiled in 150 ml of water, for one hour, on low heat. When the time is up, throw the leaves and mix the water with the sodium bicarbonate and enough honey to get a homogenous mixture. When you are done mixing the ingredients, put the cream in a glass jar and keep it in the fridge. Apply the mixture on your zits, before going to bed, and leave it overnight. In the morning, rinse the areas with warm water. You can keep the cream in the fridge for three days and use it each time before bed.

If you frequently suffer from severe acne, with inflamed painful pimples, resist the urge of breaking them. This could lead to severe long-term infections and scars that can be difficult or impossible to heal. Also, make sure you have a proper skincare and you don’t do things that can lead to having more zits, as getting stressed, using oily skincare products, eating oily food, scratching or rubbing your skin.

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