Best Natural Ways to Treat a Bladder Infection

Bladder infections are triggered by bacteria developed in the urinary tract. The bacteria will travel to the bladder through the urethra. The main sign of a bladder infection is the frequent need to urinate, associated with burning feeling or pain.

The infection is more common in women, due to anatomical reasons – women’s urethra is shorter than men’s. This type of infection comes because different microorganisms are reaching the urinary apparatus, multiply and, in time, lead to changes occurring in the bladder. Worldwide statistics show that bladder infections are the most common infections, even more than respiratory infections. The symptoms for bladder infections are: pain or burn when urinating, the need of urinating often, eliminating just a small quantity of urine, sensitivity in the lower area of the abdomen, and others.

Home remedies for bladder infections

Cranberry – This fruit has miraculous effects on the bladder, thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is recommended either two cups of cranberry tea daily, or fresh fruits. You can also mix 40 drops of cranberry tincture with water and drink it. The cranberry tea is prepared as follows: mix two teaspoons of cranberry with 100 ml cold water and leave it covered for one hour. Filter the water and keep it, together with the cranberry. Boil the cranberry in another 100 ml of water for 10 minutes. Filter again, this time throwing the two teaspoons of cranberry you used. Mix the two liquids, you will now have 200 ml of cranberry tea. It is important not to use sugar if you prefer sweet drinks, because sugar will cancel the anti-bacterial effect of the cranberry. You can use honey instead.

Thyme oil and honey – The thyme oil is purifying the urinary tract and has anti-inflammatory effects, thanks to its active substances which will be eliminated through the urine, and, therefore will reach inside the bladder. It is recommended to take twice daily, half hour before food, a teaspoon of honey mixed with four drops of thyme oil. Immediately after, drink one glass of water and for half hour don’t eat or drink anything else. Do it for five days in a row.

If you are experiencing bladder infections frequently, you should know that it is better to avoid it: make sure you drink plenty of water, have a proper intimate hygiene, empty the bladder as soon as possible after intercourse, and avoid potentially irritant cosmetics.

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