Highly Effective Foot Bath to Get Rid of Stinky Feet

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Either in summer or winter, our feet are prone to sweating more than other parts of our body, and this is why we should take extra precautions, if we want to avoid embarrassing and uncomfortable situations. Researchers concluded that the stinky feet problem is caused by some bacteria which feeds with dead skin and sweat. Smelly feet are a common problem, keeping us from feeling good with ourselves.

Solve the smelly feet problem with products you already have in your house

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Dissolve half bag of salt in a hot water basin and keep your feet inside for 20 minutes. The salt will take out the moist in your feet and attack the bacteria. Repeat this remedy daily, for two weeks, and your feet will be less sweaty, therefore less stinky. We recommend Epsom salt, perfect for neutralizing microbial infections and the smell produced by your feet. Plus,

Epsom salt baths have a calming effect on tired feet. Make sure you use Epsom salt only at night, before bed, because after using it you should keep your feet without socks for few hours. An alternative can be sodium bicarbonate, due to its properties of neutralizing the sweat’s pH and reducing the skin bacteria. So, mix sodium bicarbonate with warm water (the proportion should be one teaspoon for one liter of water). Keep your feet inside for 20 minutes, each night, for a week. You can also put some sodium bicarbonate in the shoes you want to wear next day – it will absorb a lot from the unpleasant smell.

Besides the home remedies than you can use to get rid of stinky feet, you should also respect some essential rules to prevent your feet and shoes from becoming smelly. First of all, wash your feet as often as you can to avoid bacteria growth. Also, wear cotton socks, never wear sport shoes without socks, and dry your feet properly before wearing the socks.

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