Homemade Night Serum – Easy Way to Get Rid of Wrinkles

The unpleasant wrinkles appear on the skin as we get old, being the most important signs of aging, along with the fine lines, pigmentation and losing the skin’s elasticity. The skin cells in the upper skin layer is going through a complex regenerative process. Part of these cells will die and new ones will develop. In the first years of our life, the dead cells are replaced by healthy ones in a very short time, but the rate is decreasing as we age, and the first signs can be visible in our 20s. Aging also means producing less collagen and elastin, another cause for wrinkles. Other reasons are prolonged sun exposure, smoking, or dehydration.

Homemade night serum against wrinkles

This serum will hydrate your skin and in the same time will slow the aging process. Plus, you can prepare it according to your skin type and the results are visible after just one week, if you use it every night before bed. These are the ingredients you will need:

• Argan oil – 10 ml
• Avocado oil – 10 ml
• Hemp oil – 10 ml
• Vitamin A – one capsule
• Vitamin E – 5 drops
• Coenzyme Q10 – 20 drops
• Vegetarian collagen – 8 drops
• Essential Neroli oil – 5 drops

*The above ingredients are suitable for normal, dry and combination skin. If you have oily skin, replace the hemp and avocado oils with jojoba or grapeseed oils.

To prepare the serum you just have to mix the ingredients together, transfer it in a suitable container, and wait for 6 hours before using it for the first time, so the ingredients will blend together very well. Two or three drops from the anti-aging serum will be enough for your entire face. The serum can be used up to four weeks if you keep it at room temperature, in a dark place.

Natural ingredients are always the best choice for your skincare. No cream, lotion or even painful injections will make the wrinkles disappear as natural products do. Plus, these treatments are filled with chemicals that affect your skin, many times making the wrinkles even more visible. So, why should you choose expensive treatments when you have natural ingredients that bring visible results in a short time?

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