How to Treat Food Poisoning Super Fast

Food poisoning is manifested through severe pain and inflammation in the stomach and small intestine. The main causes for food poisoning are food allergies, excessive alcohol consumption, or eating altered food. In the third category, the food that frequently gets altered is: meat, fish, milk and dairy products. In extreme situations, even the direct contact with these foods can lead to irritations and, indirectly, to food poisoning. The main symptoms for food poisoning are severe abdominal pain, vomiting, body ache, fever, diarrhea, intestinal inflammation during defecation, dehydration.

Oregano – better than antibiotics, if you want to get rid of food poisoning

Studies show that oregano extract is more active against food poisoning than any other antibiotic that you can find in the pharmacy. So, if you happen to have food poisoning, it is recommended to drink an oregano infusion: one liter per day, for 15 days. You can prepare the infusion by mixing 6 teaspoons of oregano powder with 500 ml of water. Leave it together for eight hours, filter it and keep both the water and the plant, but separately. Mix the plant with another 500 ml of boiling water this time, let it cool and filter again. At the end, mix the first 500 ml of water with the one from the second stage and drink 250 ml, four times daily.

Make sure you treat the food poisoning as soon as the first signs and symptoms appear. Failing to treat the food poisoning on time can cause severe health problems like arthritis, kidney or lung problems, but also a weak immune system.

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