Best Way to Stop Unwanted Facial Hair From Growing

Facial hair is a common problem in women. Although is harmless, the feeling of having it and also the looks are very unpleasant. The unwanted facial hair in women is called hirsutism in medical terms and is caused by various factors, including genetics and hormonal changes. Problems like polycystic ovary syndrome or changes in the estrogen levels are influencing factors when it comes to facial hair.

Get rid of the facial hair in two steps with homemade remedies

Many women are still choosing expensive ways of removing the facial hair, because they don’t know better alternatives. The good news is that effective and cheaper ways do exist. The best one consists of two steps:

1. Remove the facial hair

You can remove the facial hair using a natural inexpensive way. You will need one egg white, one spoon of white flour and one spoon of sugar. Mix the ingredients very well and apply the product on the areas affected by excessive facial hair. Leave it for half hour – it will get dry and become a thin mask. Remove the mask by pulling in the opposite direction of hair growth.

2. Stop the hair from growing

After you made sure that your face is clear from unwanted hair, it is time to apply a product that will stop the facial hair from growing. You will need three spoons of baking soda, five crushed garlic gloves and 500 ml of water. Put the ingredients in a pot on medium heat. Once you bring it to a boil, remove from heat. Wait until the product is not hot anymore and filter it – the remaining liquid is your remedy. Use a gauze to apply it on the areas where you want the facial hair to disappear. Maybe the smell is not pleasant, but it’s definitely worth it. Leave the product for 30 minutes on your skin and then rinse with warm water.

For best results, follow the two steps 3-4 times a week and you will soon notice a reduced hair growth. This is the best long-term solution to get rid of facial hair. All the other ways require time and money and none is permanent. Plus, the best ingredients to use on your skin are the natural ones.

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