Best Way to Get Rid of Dizziness in a Few Minutes

When we feel dizzy, all our senses are disturbed, and in more severe cases we can lose consciousness. It is a frequent affection, characterized by fainting feeling, loss of balance and confusion, nausea or vomiting. It is usually felt in the legs in the beginning and can be associated with heavy breathing. In most of the cases, dizziness will disappear by itself, without serious consequences. When you feel dizzy and you are also losing your balance, laying down will solve the problem.

Even though dizziness can happen at any age, it is more frequent in elders. Dizziness comes when the brain is not coordinating with the signals sent by the systems responsible with our body’s position in space. The brain is using the signals received from these systems to keep balance and be oriented, according to the environment. The systems include vision, joint receptors, skin pressure receptors and the inner ear.

Get rid of dizziness in few minutes using homemade unfiltered apple cider vinegar

It is recommended to use homemade vinegar instead of the one you find in the store, because you will make sure it is 100% natural. This is what you need for preparing it by yourself:

• 3 kg apples
• 3 liter water
• 300 g organic honey
• 30 g yeast

Wash the apples, peel it and shred it. Boil the water and use it to dissolve the honey and yeast. Add the liquid and the shredded apples in a big jar. Keep the container opened, in a room with a temperature of 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. Do not expose the jar to sunlight. Keep it in a dark place, otherwise the fermentation process will not start. After 10 days, filter the jar’s contents and keep the liquid in jars or bottles. Keep the bottles in the same place you previously kept the jar. Your homemade apple vinegar is ready after 40 days, when you can filter it through a gauze and use it.

You should use this recipe if you suffer from dizziness often. Meanwhile, until the homemade vinegar is ready, you can use the one from the store. Vinegar has enzymes and amino acids that help the body to regain its natural balance. Over 90 active ingredients in the apple vinegar will act fast and you will regain your comfort. Mix 100 ml vinegar with 200 ml water and drink it slowly. You will notice that you will stop feeling dizzy. Once you start feeling better, add two teaspoons of honey in the glass and finish drinking the liquid, as a prevention.

Don’t forget that dizziness is caused by lack of vitamins and minerals in your body, so a healthy diet is recommended. Although dizziness is not something you should worry about, there are cases when you should immediately go to the hospital: fainting without response, behavior changes, hallucinations, losing muscle control, paralysis, convulsions, severe headache, loss of sight, high body temperature, chest pain, and numbness.

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