Feel Awesome Again – How to Overcome Depression Without Drugs

More and more people are suffering from depression. It is estimated that only in Europe and in the US, the percentage of the people affected by a mild or medium depression is 20%, which means 1 in 5 persons are fighting with this disorder. In order to regain the inner peace, the nature is so helpful when it comes to treating depression without having side effects. You are about to find out how to get rid of depression without medicine.

Depression is related to a combination of medical and environmental factors that lower the serotonin levels in our body, a substance responsible with making us feeling good. The main symptoms of depression are: constant bad mood, lack of interest in activities that you once loved, low self-esteem, negative feelings on life and people, negative perception on the future, insomnia, anxiety, food disorders, lack of interest in professional, personal or social problems, isolation, losing attention, not being able to focus, feeling tired, and in the very severe cases, suicidal thoughts. The muscles contractions are more severe for depressive people and this is causing spasms in the digestive tube, back pain and headaches.

Aromatherapy – how to use essential oils to get rid of depression

Aromatherapy is not a new practice – the doctors have been using the natural perfumes since centuries to help the patients suffering from anxiety and depression to get over these negative feelings. Essential oils can help you overcome feelings like loneliness, rejection, melancholy, pain or sadness, strengthening your nervous system and making your emotions stronger.

If you struggle with depression and anxiety, you should mix the following essential oils:
• 100 ml almond oil
• 10 drops essential lavender oil
• 10 drops essential orange oil
• 2 drops essential marjoram oil
• 2 drops essential cedarwood oil
Put all the ingredients in a glass jar and simply inhale their smell when you feel depressed and stressed.

If the depression is making you feel extremely sad, in pain and suffering, you should use these essential oils:
• 100 ml almond oil
• 10 drops essential marjoram oil
• 5 drops essential sage oil
• 5 drops essential rosemary oil
• 1 drop essential lemon oil
Mix the oils and keep it in a bottle or a small jar. Open it and smell the perfume all the times you feel that the emotions are overwhelming you.

If you want to feel good the whole day, you can mix certain essential oils and use it as perfume:
• 100 ml sweet almond oil
• 10 drops essential bergamot oil
• 10 drops essential orange oil
• 3 drops essential rose geranium oil
Apply a small quantity of the oil mix on your wrists and smell it every time you feel the depression episodes are affecting you.

All the remedies above can also be used once you take a bath, for extra relaxation. Just add few drops from your favorite combination in the bathtub and enjoy your time. It is relieving when you think that something non-invasive like a natural perfume can have such a strong effect on your mind and emotional state. This remedy is working because the sense of smell has a direct effect on a certain part of our brain responsible with controlling feelings like fear, tension and anxiety.

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