How To Deal With A Back Pain During Pregnancy Without Medicines

If you are pregnant and your back starts yelling at you…hey there, painful times are coming, you should take into account the following “rescue” tips to get rid of a back pain.

Every pregnant woman knows that medicines are off the table, and she has to bare all sort of pains. Yes, this was in the prehistoric era, but now, natural treatments can be used for these situations.
As a future momma, you don’t have to bare pains, especially back pains. Everyone tells you to be careful, but in this particular situation there is nothing you can do about it, because your tummy grows and your back will hurt.
But, dear mommy, try these tips to alleviate that back pain, and to improve your general body health.

1. Prenatal yoga
First choice among pregnant women: yoga asanas. It will strengthen your muscles, improve your body posture. And as a bonus, yoga will remove stress, helping you to sleep better, and all of that non-sense in your mind regarding the baby, will be gone.

2. Prenatal massage
You can bring quick back pain relief if you go to a prenatal massage therapist. Or you can ask your husband to improve his massage techniques using your back muscles. This way you will get rid of that sciatic pain, which is the main problem for back pains.
I heard that doctors recommend the Swedish massage because is gentle and soothing.

3. Meditation
Unlike yoga or massage, meditation can be done anywhere. Because there are a lot of ways to practice meditation (plenty Youtube channels), is ok if you sit in the park or in the backyard, close your eyes, focus on the painful area, and start inhale and exhale deeply. My yoga instructor says to count ‘til 6 while inhaling and count ‘til 4 while exhaling. It works for me!

4. Swimming
Swimming it will get you rid of many other aches, not only back pains. Doing it during pregnancy is the perfect way to heave a healthy mind and body. And I don’t have to mention that is best for your child, too!

Tip: always stay hydrated and while swimming and if you feel dizzy or lightheaded you should stop any activity.

5. Sleep helpers
A sleep support for your back is the greatest thing you can buy! Or, you can do it yourself: just fold a thick towel and place it perpendicular to your body at the point on your waist where your spine is its most “droopy.”
You can use body pillows, also, because they are great in supporting your chest, hips and lower back.

6. Wear the right shoes
Fashion is out of discussion when it comes to pregnancy. You can wear high heels after you give birth, but during pregnancy try wearing some comfortable shoes.

7. Hot-cold therapy
Is the best remedy to relieve the pain! Apply a towel soaked in cold water (or wrap ice bags inside the towel) over the hurting area of your back. Keep it there as much as you can, and then apply a heat source (put rice in a sock and microwave it for 3 minutes, and then apply it on your back).

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