Natural Home Remedies for Arthritis in Hands Pain Relief

Joint pain is one of the most painful pains. Intense and hard to bear, most of joint pains are caused by arthritis. Usually this disease appears after the age of 40, but there is also a significant percentage among young people. I’m only 30 and I can say that a few days ago I experienced a severe pain in my left wrist, and I basically couldn’t use my hand for days. I’m pretty sure is not arthritis but the pain was unbearable.
Although, the great thing is that I got rid of it with some natural remedies that my grandma uses for arthritis. Sounds a little peculiar, but the following tricks helped me a lot to improve my condition.

1. Drink ginger tea
Ginger is great in relieving arthritis pain because it’s the natural substitute of NSAIDs (arthritis drugs). It destroys chemicals that are part of the body’s inflammatory response. So, prepare a ginger tea infusion but cutting a few ginger slices and dip it into hot water. Let it stand for 15 minutes, and then drink it.

2. Lavender oil
Is one of the best essential oils you can use to ease the pain. It has relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects, helping to reduce pain. My grandma sniffs lavender oil, and then massages the painful area with it.

3. Wash dishes
Yes, washing dishes by hand will alleviate arthritis pain. Getting into contact with hot water will relax your muscle and joints, making your wrist and fingers more flexible.

4. Heat source
We all know that heat will alleviate joint pain, and if you prepare your own heat pad and place it over the painful area will help you to get rid of the pain.
So, fill a cotton sock with salt, microwave it for 3 minutes, and then place it over the sore and stiff joint.

5. Prepare your own pain relief remedy
Mustard is well-known for its magic properties in getting rid of arthritis pain. Well, mix 1 tablespoon of mustard, one of salt, 1 tablespoon of water and one of honey to get a paste. Apply the paste over the hurting joint and wrap it in a plastic foil. Cover it with a scarf and let the treatment act for 2 hours.

6. Chamomile tea
Chamomile tea compresses are the best anti-inflammatory for arthritis pain. Prepare a chamomile tea infusion, soak a clean cloth in it and apply over the achy joint. Don’t let the cloth get cold, just soak it again in the infusion and apply it over the joint.

7. Hot and cold therapy
We all know that hydrotherapy can reduce considerably the arthritis pain. All that you have to do is to fill 2 bowls with water, one with cold water and the other one with hot water, and soak your hand in the hot water bowl for 5 minutes then soak it in the cold water bowl for 1 minutes. Repeat this process for 15 minutes, 3-4 times a day.

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