Easy & Fast Way to Treat a Nasal Congestion

When the nasal tissues and blood vessels are excessively filled with fluid, we will suffer from congestion or stuffy nose. In most of the cases, the congestion is caused by flu, common cold, dust or pollen allergies, animal fur, or irritants like cigarette smoke. Some people are constantly congested, without …

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Best Homemade Medicine to Treat Vertigo Right Away

Vertigo is the spinning feeling that can appear even if the person affected is actually sitting. The environment seems to move vertically or horizontally, and the feeling can be light or so severe that can cause one to fall to the ground. Vertigo is more serious than dizziness, but it …

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Extremely Effective Ways to Treat Allergies at Home

Allergies are caused by the way our body reacts because of germs or different substances, called allergens. We can make direct contact with the allergens through our skin, or indirect contact through mucus or blood stream. Allergic reactions can be caused by many substances like pollen, dust, cosmetics, animal fur, …

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